VDJ Jones aka Jones Achido is an aggressive, innovative and self-motivated DJ, with a strong belief in and support for Kenyan music. Apart from Deejaying, Jones is also a Professional Journalist, event planner and entrepreneur, with a great passion for music.
Jones began exercising his deejaying skills way back in 2011 after his fourth form, when he first owned a deejaying set, a gift from his father. He later on proceeded to join Multimedia University of Kenya in 2013 for his Media studies, and met a friend who offered him 2hr deejaying classes for free daily after his campus classes. Though not able to attend any professional deejaying school, it is through his hard work and determination that Jones perfected his deejaying skills.
He commenced professional deejaying in 2015 as a club DJ for a year. Jones later on worked as a centered DJ at Border TV and later on moved to Nation FM in 2016. At this point, he ventured into being a street DJ through the production and release of mixtapes for marketing of his brand. This has enabled him receive rampant requests for special appearances in Clubs and Events.
Dj Jones strives to grow his brand further into an International brand and also nurture upcoming DJs
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