Jones Achido better known as VDJ Jones is a Kenyan DJ, music producer and entrepreneur, born on 17th, January 1994 in Nyanza Province.

    In 2013, Jones enrolled at Multimedia University for a Journalism course after completing High School in Usenge High but later discovered his love and passion for music was massively insane and decided to start learning Deejaying despite lack of finances to pay for a DJ course but he proceeded to learn through observing other DJs as they do live performances.

    He professionally began his Deejaying career in 2015 after graduating from University and working casually at small parties and events with a pay of 200 Ksh (USD $2) a night, he then later got employed as the resident DJ at local club in Kenyan capital Nairobi with a monthly remuneration of about 150$ that lasted for one year and later quite.

    In 2016 Jones decided to join the Nairobi Kenyan wave of street DJs to release weekly mixtapes that exploded into Matatus, markets and boda boda riders across the country. He then grew from a regular street DJ to one of the top and best-selling names currently in the Kenyan market with a brand name of his own.

    Jones moved on to join music production and video directing, which has been a success to him so far, Having released popular hit songs like Rieng Remix, Wale Mang’aa and many more.

    He is the founder of the famous Superstar entertainment record label and music studio. He is also venturing into various opportunities to empower the youth whose dreams are to make it big in the entertainment industry.

    Jones is a passionate advocate for the power of music to change lives. He has used his social media platforms to support various charitable causes, including singing and bringing new talented young Kenyan artists to the limelight.

    Jones is a true inspiration to all you African youth. He has shown the world that it is possible to achieve your dreams, no matter where you come from.