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Tanzanian singer Ben Pol drops new single ”Corona”


Tanzanian singer and award-winning artist Ben Pol has dropped a brand new single dubbed ”Corona” amid COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has dropped a new song dubbed ‘Corona’ featuring Nyati Mchoya band members.

Ben Pol now joins a host of Tanzanian musicians who has been sensitizing the public about the impact of coronavirus and how to stay safe.

In the new release, Ben Pol has moved away from his usual style of slow-paced music and incorporated traditional instruments from the beginning to the end.

Ben Pol known for his commanding vocals adapts a Tanzanian traditional rhythm to deliver his verse while the Nyati Machoyo members take on the chorus.

He sings about the basic practices of keeping the virus at bay thorough washing of hands and observing social distance in public places.

“Epuke mikusanyiko isiyo lazima…Watanzaniawote tujilinde na gonjwa hili la Corona… sote tushirikiane tutaishinda hii corona…” sings Ben Pol.

He joins other artistes such as Rayavnny, P Mawenge among others who have been at the forefront in sensitizing the public on dangers of the Coronavirus.

The collaboration with Nyati Mchoyo band members is the second in just six months.

The two parties a while back released ‘Dodoma’ that was received well.

The Nyati Mchoyo band is made up of women who deploy traditional music instruments.

Stream ”Corona” below.

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