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Lady Jaydee drops ”Understanding” visuals


Tanzania legendary bongo music singer Lady Jaydee has dropped the anticipated visuals for her single dubbed ”Understanding” featuring TID.

Tanzania music diva Lady Jaydee has released the visuals to her ‘Understanding’ hit song featuring TID.

The song was released in 2005 and received much airplay across East Africa.

‘Understanding’ is about two lovers who have differences and they are seeking understanding from each other for life to move on clearly.

The man in the relationship is accused of abandoning the family something that has left the woman in despair.

The video has caught many by surprise considering that it was shot more than a decade ago. However, it was not available on any digital platform.

The video features a young family with children who are going through a rough time due to the differences between their parents.

The collaboration was released when the two musicians were at their peak.

The video concept is a simple one, entailing few characters, thus providing room for the viewer to internalize the message.

The two artistes have their set in a bedroom where they are sharing about the troubles of their love.

In this classic, we are reminded why the two artists are considered great. Both of them are enjoying vocal prowess, something that gives the song a unique bongo touch.

Currently, Lady Jaydee is riding high after releasing three songs in a span of about two weeks.

Stream ”Understanding” below.

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