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Zeena Ali becomes the first policewoman to wear hijab uniform in New Zealand

Zeena Ali

Zeena Ali gets a hijab after graduating paving the way for more Muslims to join the Police department. It’s exciting to see that the universe is increasingly becoming egalitarian for all, regardless of their religion and sexuality.

According to AJ+ on Twitter, the New Zealand Cops revamped the Islamic women’s uniform attire to enable them to wear hijabs on their uniforms.

Zeena Ali was the first policewoman to wear it. The woman said that her police preparation was at a time when there was a strained environment in the world following the assault on the Christchurch Mosque.
Hijab offered for new police graduates
Just after publishing this tweet, it has made headlines with over 10,000 likes and comment threads.
Below are some of the reactions:
@Rob_AR said:
“While this is great news in terms of respect, identity, religious freedom, and diversity… I do hope in the long run women (and as a matter of fact, human beings) do not feel the need to wear historic symbols of oppression.”
@abiikeblogger said:
“As much as this is progressive, I don’t agree. As tolerant as the west is, they shouldn’t be compelled to change their laws. This is because of religion rather the individuals conform to the dress code. Reversing the case will make this doesn’t happen.”

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