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Xray beefing with Miracle baby?


Fans have been left guessing after Exray of Boondocks gang came out lashing at Sailors gang for being a snitch.

Not clear on what the two are beefing about but  it’s obvious something between the two is not okay.

Taking to his Instagram recently Exray posted a text photo  lashing at Miracle baby for being a snitch.

The Taniua phrase maker even threatened to take him to court.

However he was keen to empahize that he only had an issue with gPeter and not the whole Sailors gang.

“Sina beef na sailors…we are always bros but to that baby snitch…its personal,” read his post.

This comes with as series of mix up among fans on what could really be happening between the two.

In his Part Miracle Baby is yet to respond to this statement thus there is  no conclusive information on what Exray was ranting about.

For now it’s a wait and see situation on where this could escalate to.

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