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Willy Paul Enlists Jamaica’s Samantha J in new track “Hold Yuh”


Willy Paul has  dropped his latest track dubbed “Hold Yuh”. In the song he features Jamaica’s  Samantha J.

“Hold Yuh”is a love song of a couple professing their love for each other with promises of forever.

The long overdue song comes at a time when many are grappling with the Covid 19 pandemic. I mean we can only hope  fr love for now.

 Hold Yuh lyrics

In the obviously beautifully written song, Willy Paul starts off asking her for a chance to be with her.

“Baby let me be your baby, Bieby you could be my beiby, First and foremost I gotta say, Thank you, Jehovah, For giving me Samantha J, Thank you, Jehovah…Baby come, baby come, baby come, Baby come roll in my Lambo…”

He flexes on how much he loves her and how perfect she is for him.

On the other hand , Samantha J, comes in with her beautiful vocals to consummate the love as depicted in the video.

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The visuals to this track were beautifully done. The beautiful oceanic scenes a create the proper environment to show love and how it should feel like.

The TrueD pictures production is nothing short of perfection. This show the extent to which Willy Paul is willing to go to make good music.

He posses the awe of an ever hardworking artist. Despite the backlash and love he receives from fans, this has never deterred his music passion.

It is obviously safe to say Willy Paul did well by taking a shift from the gospel scene to the secular music. Talk of being true to yourself and your art.

Below is the song watch and tell us what you think.

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