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Weekend trends: President Kenyatta hilariously “acknowledges” memes

Presudent Uhuru Kenyatta

In world wallowing in the Covid 19 Pandemic, online humor has been keeping some sane.

Well, its safe to say that President Kenyatta is also a meme consumer.

Kenyans on twitter got excited after the President “acknowledged” the memes that had been going round. This with anticipation that he would reopen the country.

In a hilarious curve during the daily Covid 19 update on Saturday.  

Its a “mee mee”world

In what seemed like a call for “freedom” President Uhuru announced another 30days of curfew and Kenyans were not amused.

Despite accepting the terms, the internet blew up with other memes making rounds including the word meme that he pronounce as “Mee mee”.

For one many netizens were excited by the fact that the president recognized the “Meme Industry”whose work has been to entertain.

This but just a projection of how creative and naughty Kenyans can get. But well it felt good for the head of state to recognize memes.

Some people went ahead to ask how he saw memes yet he was not on twitter. However,its rather obvious considering there are other forms of media that he can see from.

In the meantime Kenyans have thirty more days to stay indoors amid the continuous upsurge of numbers of coronavirus. Clubs and restaurants to remain closed.

Below is a link of the President’s speech

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