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Weekend trends: Alex Nderitu scares the USA, “Haki yetu” chants in US protest and Enga vs 6ix9ine


Amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, the online scene has had its fare share of happenings this past weekend.

Nyeri man scares the US

For one, Alex Nderitu a  Kenyan got his chance to trend after he made post on Facebook that the protesters should burn the White House.

In what seemed like a basic joke spiraled with American actor and comedian Terrence Williams first reacting to it and in a matter of hours it was picked up by others tagging the FBI and CIA.

The pro Trump supporters have since retweeted it allover giving Nderitu recognition to the Nyeri man with over 8000 retweets.

The USA is now grappling with the the unrest over the death of a black man George Floyd. The African American man was killed by a white police who had his knee on George’s neck till his last breathe.

“Haki Yetu” goes viral

In Kenya during protests many demonstrators would go with chants of “Haki Yetu” in calls for reforms or  justice.

Well, the US has had it fare share recently however, the internet went on a buzz after a demonstrator believed to be Kenyan decided to teach Americans how it is done.

But I am not sure whether to be proud on not. However, still #blacklivesmatter.



Magix enga vs American rapper 6ix9ine

Kenyan controversial producer Magix Enga has now hit out at American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine for allegedly sampling the producer’s beat.


“Gooba” song was pulled down for a few hours and was later re-uploaded as Enga went out to say he “forgave” the rapper. On the other hand, he mentioned that he was paid by 6ix9ine to have the song back up on YouTube.

The track has over 270 Million views in less than a month.

Clout chasing? Who’s worse?

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