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Watch Viola Karuri’s beautiful track “I like It” (Video)


Kenyan music producer, singer and song writer, Viola Karuri has released a new love song dubbed “I like it”.

Ms.Karuri is a highly famed for her sensational talent of production.

“I like it” is a love song of woman expressing her feelings to the man she loves .She describes him as the kind of man she would live for.

She sings of wished to go on vacations just with this lad that has since swept her of her feet.

The Lyrics are done in swahili entirely despite being titled “Ï like it”.

Basically she likes everything he does to her. His touches, his body and all that the world offer sis what Viola craves for.



Viola Karuri

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The video production is beautiful with the oceanic ambiance. Viola and her vixens did a good job in terms of choreography.

Simple but all sultry moves that would definitely make a man fall in love.

Listening or watching the song you’d get the feel of Bongo music vibe which makes her stand out.

The song was produced by Tanzania’s Kimambo, mixed and mastered by Lukas Bikedo of Ogopathereal. On the other hand the lyrics were done by Viola and Tanzania’s rnb star Kusah.

Viola is an artist that has to curve her way up in the awfully male dominated scene:music production.

However she has managed to curve her way up on her own. She has had the privilege of working in Africa’s biggest show Coke studio.

Thus this song is the biggest of her career.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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