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Watch “Mpenzi Mtazamaji” by Ochungulo Family ft The Kansoul


Gengetone stars Ochungulo Family have teamed up with the Kansoul and dropped a new track dubbed “Mpenzi Mtazamaji”.

This is a feel good song of men admiring a lady. The beat and tempo is super slow.

This gives the audience time to just enjoy the song with little struggle.

For one this combination have just demystified that noise around each group having broken up. Previously we have been seeing Banzema doing his music as a solo artist.

On the other hand the Kansoul was said to have split up which evidently is not true.


Like any gengetone song the lyrics of this song has some heavy slang wording.

However they are more of asking a certain girl out and each artist is trying to prove themselves worthy of her.

The visuals to this song are simple. They had a one location shoot of the whole groupie. No complex choreography everyone that was in the video just groves to the beat.

This song comes at a time when the Gengetone music noise has since gone down. Understandably one would think that they all run out of the raunchy and “twerky” beats .

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Well that wouldn’t a bad thing. We can only hope that they are back on the drawing board of another taste of the gengetone music.

At the same time nits a god time for the Kansoul to make a comeback after going underwater for some time.

We have seen Mejja do collabotaions with other artist including Femi One’s viral hit “Utawezana” and he also featured in Otgile Brown’s album “Just In Love”.

In conclusion the two music groupies still have their fans intact its just more hits they need.

In the meantime watch their new track and tell us what you think.

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  2. […] Watch “Mpenzi Mtazamaji” by Ochungulo Family ft The Kansoul […]

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