Vdj Jones the Superstar DJ drops a new mix dubbed Gospel Throwback which features some of the best hit songs from back then!!

VDJ JONES gospel throwback

The much-awaited mix dubbed the gospel throwback by VDJ Jones drops. The Kenyan gospel industry was once very vibrant and raised very many stars whom have since done well in their music careers. Some winning multiple awards,getting endorsements,shows and crazy fan base.

There were several awards like the groove awards which were annual and also some of major concerts at the end of the year to celebrate gospel music like the Mighty Safaricom Live,Groove Party,Totally Sold Out and many more.

Even though the gospel industry had its share of negative publicity due to some of the gospel artists being in scandals that tarnished the industry,it also once ruled the airwaves. Here is a mix by the superstar DJ to celebrate most of the hit songs from back then since the gospel scene seems “dead”.

In this mix Vdj Jones feature music from as early as 2013 which is when the gospel industry dominated the music scene. We hope to see a comeback of the industry even though being dormant in the recent past.

There have been recent collaborations between the gospel & secular artists for example;

Taniua by Bahati & The Boondocks Gang

Kwa Hao by Mr Seed ft ,Dezian,Breeder,Maddox,Masterpiece,Vuva

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