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USA elects Joe Biden as their 46th President


Joe Biden wins USA’s Presidency

Joe Biden

Biden has now been announced the election winner in USA, and he’ll be the 46th president of the USA. That’s according to CNN, NBC, BBC and, Fox News. The people who all called the election.

President Trump continues to insist that this is not the case. However, after a fresh batch of votes in Pennsylvania that carried 20 more election college votes, Biden reached the 270 threshold of the election to be the predicted winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Donald Trump

Barack Obama tweeting his congratulations to Biden and Harris, urged Americans to give them a chance, no matter who they voted for.

The President-Elect has already promised to rule all Americans, including more than 70 million who have not voted for him.

It’s a landmark win, in many respects. Not least however, is the Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris-the first woman, the first black woman, and also the first member of Asian origin to hold USA’s second-highest political office.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Briefly just after declaration, CNN’s Van Jones blogger reacted pretty emotionally to the moment in history.

The win of Biden and Harris occurs 4 days after voting day. And, it needed diligent counting of votes in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona. Biden had been leading in GA and PA until early Friday morning. That was when all of them switched from red to blue for Barack Obama ‘s old VP.

He also won tight races in Arizona and Nevada. This earned him more electoral college votes than he wanted to secure the presidency.


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