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Ugandan based comedian proposes to her fiancée with a drone

Ronnie proposing to Mbabazi

Ronnie proposes to Mbabazi and she says YES

This Ugandan comedian couldn’t hide his joy after their special engagement when his fiancée said YES. This betrothment took place on November 1, Sunday.

Ronnie and his fiancée Mbabazi

Ronnie felt like it was the right time for him to upgrade Mbabazi to be his lifetime queen.

Just like his now-queen who was clad in an all-black evening gown Ronnie was also clad in a black outfit.

Mbabazi wasn’t able to hold up with her excitement when she saw a drone camera carrying her ring in a small red box towards her boyfriend Ronnie.

Drone carrying the ring

The venue for the proposal was well decorated therefore setting up a good mood for the moment.

On his facebook page Ronnie admits he couldn’t take the fact that Mbabazi was with him for granted. Hence, he felt it was time to take things on a higher notch but with Mbabazi’s permission of course.

So he knelt down on his knee and asked Mbabazi to make her the queen of his kingdom and she granted Ronnie the opportunity.

Ronnie puts the ring on his fiancée’s finger

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