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Two families in Kakamega have had endless fights over who is the father of a 17-year old girl

For almost two decades now, two groups in Kakamega County have been arguing over the legitimacy of a 17-year-old child.
Both families claim their sons are the father of the child. This argument started back in 2002 when Eunice the mother’s child got married to Amos.
During the union, it is suspected that Eunice had a one-month pregnancy with some other man named Stephen.
So right now, both parties claim the daughter belongs to both of them.

Rushing into marriage

After the death of her ex-husband Stephen, it took Eunice just three weeks to get married to Amos after Stephen was involved in a road accident along Kakamega-Mumias road.
According to the late Stephen’s mother, she claims Eunice’s mother hastily married off her child to Amos to cover her involvement with the departed.
“Before Stephen’s death, he had impregnated Eunice. We believe this girl is our blood. Stephen was 19 years old and Eunice was 17 and they had moved in together,” Martha claimed.
She added the Eunice gave birth to the child in question eight months into her marriage to Amos.
Stephen’s mother says that each time she tries to make an effort of taking her supposed granddaughter, Amos’s family threatens her with undefined implications.

Undergoing threats and intimidation

She said that Amos’s family acted in collaboration with police officers to stop her from retrieving her “legitimate granddaughter.”

“I was called by police officers who cautioned me against claiming the boy. The officers claimed I had no proof to show that the girl had been taken care of by my deceased son,” she said.

Amos’ mother Julia, on the other hand, maintains that the girl is her granddaughter.
She mugged Martha’s statements that she called them evil.
“Eunice was married to Amos, my son, without any conception. Their (Stephen’s family) arguments are baseless. There was no single symptom of pregnancy,” said Julia.
Julia said that she would not accept the plots and attempts of Martha’s relatives to take the girl away from her home.
“We’re not going to let our granddaughter go anywhere. We paid for the bride price of her mother and conducted all the traditions required of every infant born in our culture. We named and shaved her, ” said Julia.
Julia called on Stephen’s relatives to arrange a DNA test at their own expense to show that the 17-year-old was their daughter.
Efforts to get Eunice’s reaction to the issue has not yet been successful, as she is not picking calls.

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