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Trump Vows for Supreme Court Battle due to Premature Victory


President Donald Trump claims Biden’s victory is premature


President Trump strongly insists that he won the elections. And, he claims that the only way that Joe Biden will succeed is if there’s a shady ballot corporation. So, he’s going to the Supreme Court, and he’s looking to set America up for the Royal War.

It was just after 2 a.m. ET when POTUS talked at the White House buzzing all the states that he had won, and said he was getting ready for a major victory celebration when it was abruptly cut off.

The incumbent is extremely mad about PA. He had defeated Biden by more than 600,000 votes at the time of his speech. This is a lead he considers to be insurmountable. That isn’t how analysts see it, with a lot of Philadelphia’s ballots still not counted. Trump said he was going to SCOTUS regardless, since he believes the “surprise votes,” potentially cast for Biden, might be identified at 4 a.m.


What’s strange is that Trump said he wanted all votes to stop. Polling has stopped, but what’s going on now, and, obviously not in a way he likes is counting the votes. Fortunately, the tally could earn Trump a triumph in Arizona, where Fox News announced Biden the champion.

It’s the worst case situation for America. Neither nominee has really had the requisite 270 electoral college votes, but Trump claims victory and already charges the Democrats of bribery, and now the Supreme Court, with his freshly appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett, may be in action.

All this adds up to days, if it’s not weeks and months of political conflict and potential civil strife, ahead of the country.

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