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Trump followers causing disarray in USA 2020 elections


Trump’s followers are causing confusion In Detroit, they are busy ranting, ‘Halt the count!’ during the election process

Trump supporters demand Michigan votes

Donald Trump’s followers are up in arms over the Detroit mail-in-voice election process. And, they’re fighting, like heck, to disrupt it.

Many Republican contenstants are stirring up a frenzy at the TCF Convention Center. This is where staff are struggling to count thousands of absentee ballots for Detroiters despite having to contend with madness at the election polls.

Trump followers at Detroit

Cops hold many of the angry protesters at bay when the counting area is at capacity, but that doesn’t deter them from pounding on the windows and shouting.

The pro-Trump protestors tend to say that they are being shut out, but the Democratic protestors are as well. Under the state election law, there are 134 issues for each party.

Trump followers

As you might know, the President and his campaign members are putting false allegations of electoral irregularities in a number of states that are of great significance to the winner of the race, and it is obvious that is what is causing anger among his followers in Detroit.



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