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Trump Calls Election Officials “SCAM”


Trump calls USA election authorities ‘thieves’

Donald Trump

It’s pretty crazy that Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump character isn’t just a stereotype, this is because he’s quite like that.

Trump went off the Twitter handle again, raging at the electoral authorities in urban areas. He thinks these people are criminals because big city computers are crooked. He says the elections are rigged.

Trump goes on to cite a British polling company, which he claims has called it a rigged election. He claims it’s so hard to believe that Biden could have managed to beat Obama in any of the nations. Of course, a British polling company doesn’t know about the electoral mechanics in America.

As you know, Trump has not given any concrete evidence of illegal activity in court. Sure enough, he should have been able to present something before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Even, with the introduction of Coney Barrett, it’s unlikely that the court will reverse the election outcome. SCOTUS worries for its authority because by sidelining Trump’s lack of evidence, the judges realize that it will result in an insurrection and almost inevitably a court-packing.

The sad reality is that Trump will never accept or support Biden in the change. Oh, Biden actually knows his way all over the West Wing, so it’s not going to be a concern.




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