Robby Ja Ulowa signs as the first artist under Superstar Entertainment

Superstar Vdj Jones alongside Robby Ja Ulowa

Vdj Jones the hottest deejay right now in 254 recently announced that he is launching a record label soon. And, Superstar Entertainment it is. In an Instagram post, Jones said he hopes to uplift other new artists into the industry through his record label because each and every needs support to reach somewhere.

Not long enough after this announcement, Vdj Jones true to his intentions, Superstar Entertainment has signed their first artist. He goes by the name Robby Ja ULowa. A young-talented Ohangla singer born in 1997, Yimbo Usenge(Ulowa Village) hence, the name Ja Ulowa.

Robby Ja Ulowa

He met Vdj Jones on Facebook via messenger and now here he is. The start of a new music career at Superstar Entertainment where we nurture hidden talents to big stars.

To wrap it up, everyone is welcomed at Superstar Entertainment located in Nairobi, Umoja 2, Moi Drive.


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