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Size 8 complains of bedroom starvation by Dj Mo


The Murayas- Size 8 and DJ Mo- had their show  premiere on Monday night.

However things did not go down so well after the two revealed their sexual starvation issues from both sides.

In the show “Dine With The Murayas” the two started out with a bowl game where DJ Mo picked out a paper that had something written on it.

From the paper Size 8 had complained of 3 weeks dry spell.

In what seemed like an uncomfortable situation saw Size 8 blurt on how her husband has been overworking outside and forgetting to “work” on her.

Babe, it has been three weeks and we have never been intimate. Every time I call you, you say you are with your boys.

Further on, a seeming angry DJ Mo he went ahead to hint that his wife was appreciative of his hustle.

He said that when he goes broke she complains and now again she is complaining about sex.

However, Dj Mo could not go down alone he accused his wife of being a turn of every time he comes home and finds her in a big T-shirt written seng’enge.

Clout chasers or epic fail?

As the couple went ahead to air their sexual failures on tv, fans were not amused.

Considering how the show of gospel singer Bahati had been trolled almost all through its episodes, the Murayas also got a taste of the unforgiving Kenyan trolls.


Some even wondered why they opted to “act” out a reality show.

Will the show stand the taste of time? Well its a matter of wait and see.

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