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Shirleen Wangari nick-named Shish Lands an Important Role in a South African Film


Ex-Tahidi High star Shirleen Wangari will be part of the Cast in a SA Film

Shirleen Wangari

Shirleen Wangari popularly known as Shish from Tahidi High Tv Show on Citizen Tv lands a role in South Africa. Shish is taking part in a post-apocalyptic film.

Also, Shish is to produce the film Guatha. This is a slang word which means “far away”. The shooting of the film will be in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Province.

Untitled Films will be shooting the film. This is a report from Shish herself. And, the shooting will take place in South Africa, Ghana and Kenya.

“The film is a post-apocalyptic thriller telling the story of a woman surviving at a military camp after losing her son and husband in the worst heatwave ever recorded that kills 80 percent of the world’s population,” Shish said.

Plans were put in place for the film to be shot this year but due to Covid-19, it has been pushed to 2021.

In September 2020, Wavamizi co-produced by Shish won international acclaim for support in the Durban Film Mart (DFM) 2020 initiative.



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