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Shakilla Comes Clean About Being Pregnant For The Late Ginimbi


Controversial story about Shakilla being pregnant for the late Zimbabwean businessman Ginimbi

With words spreading around town that Shakilla is pregnant for the late Zimbabwean tycoon Ginimbi, she comes clean to respond to these allegations. A lot of stories have been spreading around following the untimely death of Ginimbi. Alongside him were his three other friends. Ginimbi and his friends were heading to a nightclub in his Rolls Royce when he had the car crash. https://www.vdjjones.co.ke/blog/come-see-what-huddah-had-to-say-about-the-late-zimbabwean-socialite/

According to news sources, it is said that the fast-growing Kenyan socialite, Shakilla is also compromised in the life of Ginimbi while he was still alive.

Shakilla ‘s supposed relationship to Ginimbi

Reports from a local publication says that Shakilla had gone to spend a night in Club 207. That is when she met Ginimbi.

This local publication quotes Shakilla saying, ” My curvy and soft body attracts. I agreed and spent a night with him.” They further quoted Shakilla claiming she is pregnant for Ginimbi.

Reports that evidently annoyed the lass who had come out to defend herself from the accusations, trying to clarify that she didn’t really know the late Ginimbi. Though referring to her Instagram statements, Shakilla acknowledges that she feels so awful. She feels so weird after getting so many tags and mentions about her and the late billionaire businessman.

“May his soul rest in peace,” she closes off.



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