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See What Someone Did To OG’s Range Rover


Khaligraph Jones Blames Haters For Scratching His Range Rover

Scratches on OG’s Range Rover
Kenyan top rapper Khaligraph Jones is in a resentful mood right now after he found his Range Rover’s paint damaged. He strongly thinks that this was a deliberate action.
He went to his Instagram Story immediately showing Kenyans a brief clip of his SUV’s door. It had two scuff lines running from one end of the door to the other.
Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph is confidently blaming his haters for that inhuman act according to how he spoke in the video. He thinks that someone did this deliberately just to make him mad.
It reached a point OG sounded abusive when he was asking his haters why they had decided to cause such great damage to his ride.
Although he’s currently the best artist in Kenya with thousands of fans promoting his art, he still feels that there are individuals out there who don’t want to see him prosper.
Khaligraph is not the first artist to complain about this. Some months ago, someone stole a part of Jalang’o’s Mercedes-Benz on Mombasa Road. The radio host was not pleased when he discovered a part of his Mercedes car had been stolen.
Jalang’o’s Mercedes Benz damaged
He offered a reward of KSh 10,000 for anybody who would spot the stolen part.

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