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Sauti sol unravel our insecurities in new emotional jam “Insecure”


As we await the launch of the  “Midnight train album”by Sauti sol on 5 June 2020, they have some juice for us.

This time they bring us a conscience pricking song dubbed “Insecure”.

A song that revolves on our lives realities where strive to be better beings but with loads of insecurities.

The fears of never being enough, the self esteem issues among many others.

For one Sauti Sol have mastered a  way to reach their audience with their music.

Their content is always on point, well researched content that is easy to deal with.


In the song “Insecure” they bring out the fears will leave with by the day,

In this context they want to know what women hide behind make up and as for lads why swim in T-shirts.

“She’s so insecure she don’t make love with the lights on, so insecure she don’t want to talk about it, and I’m so insecure one day she’ll leave me and she’ll find another guy… I am so insecure me husomanga message ukiniachia phone, I’m so insecure I’m never telling you about it, me huenda swimo na tsho and you never leave your house with no make on… chini ya maji sini machizi twachunguzana kipolisi…”

Basically they have helped people re-evalute how we view life.

Further when you look at the video you would totally fall in love with them.They create a nostalgic scenario that makes you understand what music look like .

The song was written and performed by Sauti Sol as the sound was produced by Andre Harris and Sauti Sol.

After they dropped the song Bien went his socials and highlighted his insecurities and Fancy Fingers also did the same.

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