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Sailors gang make a come back with new hit “Weekendy”


After staying out of the music scene for a while , Sailors gang are back with a new banger dubbed “Weekendy”.

A feel good track to remind us of all the fun, crazy stuff that happens in clubs and parties.

The Signature tune makers are clearly back to take up their position. “Weekendy” brings out all the energy that has been quarantined for a while now.

The usual screams from the boys at the start of the song is what stands and  throws around the idea of it being a banger.



When we thought we had missed the gengetone masters they now drop these lyrical sheng masterpiece that we cannot get enough of.

The blend of the Swahili and Kikuyu is rather definitive. Though slow in tempo but upbeat the boys did not disappoint.

For once I believe due to Covid 19 pandemic, the visual set up for this song has less activity even the girls are countable.

Of course clubs are closed and so the setting is very intimate and very dimly lit depending on some neon lights.

The visual transitions are also impeccable  and yes the dances  too not too much. Just enough for your visual satisfaction.

The banger was produced and directed by Kashkeed. So far it has been received well by fans as the numbers of YouTube going strady.

It is obvious “Weekendy” will be among the to biggest club bangers for a while.

I mean I wouldn’t want to miss out on a show by the Sailors gang.

If I you doubt my sentiments tell us what you think. Watch the video below.

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