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“Safisha gengetone!!”Meet the officer out to clean gengetone music


Over years Gengetone has been noted as the influence of negative influence on morals.

However we cannot deny the fact that it became one of Kenya’s biggest signature, though vulgar but entertaining.

Thus there is one officer named Bij Abani is out to “Safisha” gengetone.

Bij Abani

His new  track Safisha comes at a time when the genre has really been blamed for most of the moral decays in society.

“Safisha”delves on having good lyrics that will resonate well with the audience including the morality cop that has consistently banned some of these music.

Bij Abani tells off gengetone artists that all the “indecent” content doesn’t have to be a norm.

Previously he has done the typical gengetone music including, Gimoro and AP Kali.

On the other hand, in what seemed like a trend this year has seen a down low of this music production.

Many of the grouping have since separated going solo in music with some hitting rock bottom.

Has gengetone exhausted vulgarity?

Having hit the airwaves 3 years down, groupings like Ochungulo family have since gone under . So far we only see Banzema creating his music.

Remember Ngwatiology? He is the chap behind it. Well whatever happened to Dmore and Nellythegoon?

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Furthermore I guess its time this genre was picked up a poetic and proper lyrical writing to it. I mean it won’t be such a bad thing to dance to proper gengetone.

So Yes Bij Abani is right by calling out gengetone artists to Safisha this genre.

This is because as much we would be jamming to the Wamlambez and Kaa na mama yako  things how long will it be sustained?

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