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Ruto confirms he isn’t part of the BBI ‘war’


William Ruto says he loves this country so much that he can’t be part of the BBI ‘war’

Dp William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto promised unwavering support for Kenya. He swore never to be apart of any kind of war in the region.

The opinions of the DP came about as a result of resistance changes rift among supporters and opponents of the BBI report.

In a tweet, the DP said that it was possible for pro-BBI and anti-BBI groups to enter a truce. And therefore, allow the government to hold a non-contested vote.

“I love this country enough never to be part of any ‘war’. Not when there is a real possibility for a win-win consensus beckoning. An ‘us vs them ‘yes/no’ contest that will lead to a lose-lose outcome is unnecessary and unwarranted. A non-contested referendum is possible. Inawezekana (It’s possible), ” said Ruto.

‘No campaign’ leader

During its launch in Bomas, Kenya, Ruto clearly and openly punched holes in a percentage of the initiatives included in the report.

His decision to disqualify the proposal in the existence of President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga, the main advocates, was seen as a clear directive of his capability to promote a ‘No Campaign’ during the referendum. https://www.vdjjones.co.ke/blog/veteran-politician-martha-karua-blocks-a-blogger-who-questioned-her-moral-authority-on-election-integrity/

In his public gatherings, which he briefly postponed after the outbreak of COVID-19 infections, Ruto promised to guide Kenyans to revoke the reform text, if not to change it.

Confrontational politics

His aggressive nature of politics, marked by such a blatant lengthy diatribe frequently aimed at his critics, has made a segment of Kenyans start to fear, even though he places his best effort forward in the campaign to the State House.
Any of his opponents, who threatened to foil his attempt to replace Uhuru in 2022, accused him of being dishonest.

Francis Atwoli and David Murathe are among those who have pledged to condemn Ruto’s attempt of becoming President.

COTU boss Francis Atwoli

Atwoli once stated how Ruto’s name will not be on the ballots in 2022. This is a remark that provoked anger among the followers of the successor.

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