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Rage as Kenya Copyright Board impose charges to DJs for playing music on social media


Since the Covid 19 pandemic forced the closure of all social gatherings . This affected the entertainment industry big time with no shows or events to go to.

People had to think of new ways to keep entertaining their fans.

Well most Deejays opted to do live shows on their social media platforms then boom! came the “Law enforcers” . The Kenya Copyright Board tweeted that its violation of copyright by Deejays for playing music online.

They tweeted as follows:

“Anyone who violates the exclusive rights of the copyright owner is an infringer of that copyright. When a DJ creates a live stream and starts broadcasting music to the Internet, he has become a radio station. He needs licences from copyright owners or CMO.”

According to The Star, in Kenya, the Copyright Act provides for fair use or fair dealing under Section 26 (1a) by allowing for fair dealing for the purposes of scientific research, private use, criticism or review, or the reporting of current events subject to acknowledgement of the source.

So what’s fair?

This curb of Deejays irked many including artists-owners of the music- like “Utawezana” hit maker Femi one.

To her she claims that Kenyan law enforcers never think of the well being of artists but themselves.

“…This country doesn’t give a fuck about mtu yeyote ako na talent….” she said on her video post on Instagram.

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This followed by a comment by legendary genge artist Nonini also in support of Femi’s two cents asking artists to seek change.

We have to be part of the solution @julianikenya said kutabadilishwa na nani kama si sisi?

I mean, I would also  be angry, how does someone just enforce something on shows that are being done free of charge?

However in their response after an outrage from artists the Kenya Copyright Board went ahead to respond by giving a lower quotation for playing of the music online.

Well, It is what it is!!Gagged!

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