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Queen Darleen surprised with a cake on her big day


Wasafi Records CEO Diamond Platnumz stuns her sister Queen Darleen with a birthday cake on her big day

Jeje Hitmaker Diamond Platnumz

Diamond paid her sister a surprise visit at her mansion. It was after that, that he went on his Instagram story to share the lovely moments of the occasion.

Queen Darleen cutting the cake

With him was her mother, Mama Dangote. Queen Darleen was sitting with her husband, Isihaka on the floor of their sitting room when Diamond arrived.

She broke into tears when she saw her step-mother and half-brother entering their house.

Diamond was carrying the cake in his hands as they walked into the house. The new mum couldn’t keep up with her emotions and so, she broke down in tears.

She wasn’t able to hold on to her tears as she hugged Mama Dangote, Diamond, and the guests who attended the occasion.

Diamond Platnumz led people in dancing as they shared the cake bringing the party to life.

Although it was an impromptu visit, Queen Darleen’s night became so beautiful and it was all over her face as she smiled happily.

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