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Popular Businessman and Zimbabwean Socialite Ginimbi Dies in a Car Accident


Shocking death as Ginimbi dies in a car accident

Ginimbi sitting on his posh Rolls Royce
It all took place on the chilly morning of November 8, Sunday. Genius Kadungure, also referred to as Ginimbi, passes on after a terrible car accident. This businessman was from attending fitness fundi Moana’s birthday celebration.
Ginimbi was with the birthday girl Moana, Elisha, and Karim in the car who also passed on with him. Also, Ginimbi is said to have been driving up and attempting to pass vehicles when the crash supposedly happened. The man whose car he surpassed watched as he clashed with the second vehicle he tried to overtake.
Both cars went up in flames, and Ginimbi could be seen flying out of his Bentley. He didn’t have a safety harness, and he died immediately. Tributes flooded social media platforms from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook about this tragic death.
Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce burnt to ashes
The Ginimbi family has verified the sad news. What was even more surprising was that, hours ago, he had taken on social media to see if he and his friends were going out for a night. He got into his posh Rolls-Royce as he’s about to leave with his mates, and there was even a video of them going to the dance.
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