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Pope Francis Allegedly Liked Bikini Model Photo on Instagram


The Vatican is officially conducting an investigation on Pope Francis Instagram account. This is after the pope’s page liked a picture of Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto in her bikini. After the story went viral, according to the Catholic Agency, Pope’s account unliked the picture on the 14th of this month.

The CNA also states that a team, not just the Pope directly, runs the page of Pope Francis. The inquiry began to identify who is now liable for the Instagram as well. As for Garibotto, with different Pope-related comments, she has been capitalising on the increased publicity.

Natalia Garibotto had a schoolgirl outfit that revealed the whole of her rear out. From a screenshot taken by one of Natalia’s followers, Pope Francis’s account is seen to like the photo. This screenshot has from then gone viral across all social media platforms. As a result of this, Pope Francis’s account has unliked the pictured.

As the screenshot was trending, the 27-year old Brazilian model took it to her socials and reposted it. She reposted the screenshot with a caption stating that, at least I’m going to heaven.”

The supposed screenshot has created outrage on social media platforms with many people asking questions. The main question is how comes and why did the Pope’s account like the post.

Details of this came after Pope Francis had recently advocated on same-sex spouses to have civil marriage. Take a look at the above screenshot.

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