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Otile Brown features Mejja in new track “Watoto na Pombe”


Kenyan RnB star Otile Brown has finally dropped the visuals for his song Watoto na pombe.

In the feel good song he features legendary genge star Mejja who as usual did not disappoint.

This comes as the third video from his album Just in Love.

Watoto na pombe is a feel good song that describe the party life and how good it feels to let go once in a while.

In the song the two stand out as these rich lads that are set to spoil the chics to drinks the like.


The lyrics were done in Swahili and a mix of sheng’ that really sells this song.

Ooh  Bizee
Napiga Hela kama benki
Wanaiga swagga ila haiketi
Looku sipigi feki hutokuta navaa feki

Leo Gucci au Prada
Mmm pengine glasi za mkanda
Nakataa madeni mkali zaidi ya Donna Tanasha
Simba wenu manyasi menu hainaga nyama
Sishoboki hata ngoma zikibuma

Further, the Otile and Mejja deliver their lyrics effortlessly and its easy to get what they mean .

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The song was produced by Viki Pon Dis and Magix enga while the the video was shot by Deska torres.

What stands out is the inculcation of the ghetto vibe to this song before moving to the high life in the clubs.

The vixens in the video also did not disappoint, I mean they was no outright choreography but they did well.

I mean the video is good to watch.

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