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Otile Brown features Kiss 100’s Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro ‘Quarantine’ track video


The Kenyan RnB King, Otile Brown has released the long awaited video for his track “Quarantine”.

This is about a man missing his ex girl and wishing she’d come to his place so that  they can “Quarantine together.”

The beautiful transitions in the video make you wish you had someone to quarantine with.

However you cannot miss the comic feel in Kibe’s voice. On the other hand, not forgetting the antics when Kamene finally accepted to visit.

You’d clearly miss your ex!

The video in itself is exquisite with the color variance and the choice of vixens too was well done.


For the lyrics Otile Brown has never gone  wrong at that. The smooth poetic words are what builds this song.

“Hello Ex u hali gani?, Ni long time hatujaonana, Natumai upo salama, naelewa unanichukia, Hata jina langu hutaki sikia,Corona imekithiri, upweke umetanda…”

The beautiful mix of Swahili and English by Otile really can give that desire to fall in love again.

Very typical in relationships people break up and make up.

In the video we see a bored man(Kibe)in his house he tries to call up his girlfriend is reluctant to see her. But he remembers an ex that lives in the same building decides to call her up and she agrees to come over.

The excited Kibe does his thing of flexing even makes some food for “Netflix and Chill”.

On arrival the lady starts sneezing by the door and its a “hooooold up! moment.

Corona Viiiiirus!!!! Cardi’s voice

The video was directed by Deska Torres and we must appreciate the talent this guy posses when it comes to music production.

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