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Nick Odhiambo under fire for slurred post against Magic Johnson’s gay son(screenshots)


Celebrated radio presenter Nick Odhiambo is under fire after making a slurred post of former basketball player Magic Johnson’s gay son.

In a world that is fast embracing cultural, race, religion and sexuality am sure Nick was not expecting it.

The famous radio host took to his Instagram sharing a picture of Magic Johnson with his son Ej Johnson. According to NicK, Ej is a pain.

The  caption on his post reads as follows:

There is nothing as painful as raising a son who decides he wants to be your daughter instead! the Magic is missing in Johnsons eyes

Well, with least of expectations Nick has been bashed for his unwarranted comment against the LGBT.

Despite it being clear in Kenya the LGBT community do not have the freedom to express affection to each other, it is clear that many people are now liberal thinkers.


With some people thinking on the same line as his many were not amused.

Even other celebrities taking a jibe at his comment. The likes of former KTN  News anchor Joy Doreen Bira and Ciku Muiruri came in defense of Ej Johnson.

As per the comments many thought that Nick was playing the ignorant card in this day.

On the other hand some cautioned him to tread carefully as he was a parent and he never knows what might happen later on in life.

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