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Marcus Rashford Sets up a book club for children


Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford launces his own book club

Marcus Rashford reading his own book
Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford is taking his humanitarian work to the next phase.
Earlier this year when the deadly Corona Virus hit the world, Rashford started off with feeding children in schools.
The 23-year old is now launching his own book club as part of his mission of helping deprived children learn. https://www.vdjjones.co.ke/blog/supreme-court-judge-njoki-ndungus-mother-dies-after-battling-with-cancer/
Sources claim the attacker would help select a selection of books with different characters that would cater to teenagers under the new program.
Daily Mail suggests that the chosen books will indeed be sold in stores with a label. They are explaining that they really are part of the scheme-and the player would list them on his social media.
The newspaper added that the football hero would join forces with other charitable organizations to send books to poor children.
When addressing questions from The Sun to reveal the start of a new project with Macmillan Children’s Books, Rashford discussed his own childhood and early commitment to reading.
Marcus Rashford
He said, “I just wish I was offered the opportunity to really engage with reading more as a child. But, books were never a thing we could budget for as a family when we needed to put food on the table.”
The Red Devils player has revealed that his passion for books began at the age of 17. This is following news that there are 380,000 kids in Britain who do not own a book as it stands.
Today, he needs the ‘escapism’ provided by a good book to be available to all children. Not for anyone who can afford it.”
Man United already has two novels that he expects to launch in 2022. This is a part of his plans to empower young people under the age of seven.

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