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King Kaka pays tribute to the late E-sir for his would be 39th birthday


The legendary musician Esir would be 39 years of age on 20th May. Esir was Kenya’s celebrated hip hop artist that dominated the airwaves back in the late 90s and early 2000.

Unfortunately, he passed away in a car crash in 2003 on the highway back from a show in Nakuru.

Esir is remembered for his iconic style dubbed kapuka an all swahili rap style that had curved a space or many other artists.

These includes Nameless, Big Pin, the late Krupt among others.

For his birthday King Kaka took to his instagram posted how he ell in love with his music to date.

This comes days after the release of the first collaborative song o their new album.

The song “Fly” was done by King Kaka featuring soulful musician and actor Pascal Tokodi.


A song that is filled with emotions of all sorts.

This in remembrance of those we lost but hold at heart. It creates comort in the hard times we have been through but are strong enough to say “Thank you”.

The duo features various acts of those that have gone before us including the legendary E-sir, Selina actor Khone among others.

This creates a beautiful memoir for many hoping that our loved ones are happy wherever they are.

As he is remembered today on his birthday or his iconic music  lets check out this track. Its worth your time.

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