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Joe Bidden & Kamala Harris


Hope, Action & Unity is what we are all about says, Kamala & Biden

Joe Biden heading to the podium

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris each delivered a powerful speech to a massive audience as they claimed victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Biden jogged to the podium, then reassured the audience that his win was clear and defined. It was obvious to him that Donald Trump’s challenges would lead to nothing.

Biden then got presidential, promising the audience that he will restore support for America all over the world. He was delighted by the love he saw all over the current world.

Biden giving out his speech
Biden gives out a speech

Kamala Harris came out to cheer and rejoice, to Mary J Blige’s “Work It,” then, started her speech by referring to late John Lewis, who said, “Democracy is not a society. It’s an act.” As Harris explained, there’s no assurance that democratic system will survive. It’s just about the play.

Harris took a few unsubtle shots at Trump, stating that the electorate chose optimism, harmony, integrity, science, and reality. Yet much of what she did was inspiring, boasting about her historical rise and her late mother’s mantra that everything was possible. Her most unforgettable line, “I might be the first [female running mate] in this office. I’m not going to be the last.”

Harris Kamala speaking to USA people

It was fascinating, since all of Donald Trump ‘s attacks appeared to vanish.

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