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Jay-Z Invests in CLMBR After Beyonce’s Peloton D

Jay Z

Jay-Z is joining the gym equipment business much like his spouse Beyonce. He is investing in a project that seeks to compete with Beyonce’s partner, Peloton.

The film billionaire is pouring some of his billion-dollar wealth into CLMBR. This is about to unleash its two flagship products, a set of aerial climbing equipment.

Jay-Z is not the only star to see the potential to make a fortune with CLMBR. Novak Djokovic, the world’s leading men’s tennis player, is also spending. Jay and Bey’s long-time wellness coach, Marco Borges, are also on board, plus YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley.

CLMBR looks a lot like Peloton, but it simulates uphill climbing rather than riding a bicycle. It’s meant to be nice for the back, and the CLMBR computers are the first to feature touch screens and on-demand tutor lessons.

At-home fitness technology is all rage, with several gyms and fitness centers across the globe closing down due to the pandemic. Bey has recently partnered up with Peloton, which has improved its stock.

Now Jay’s trailing suit and doing his own stuff, which means that we’ve got all the make-up of a fun family battle here.



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