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Internet blows up after Bahati twerks for Diana


Controversy sparks after Bahati lap-dances for Diana

Bahati and his wife Diana

Bahati Family decided to stay off business as usual for a while. For that reason, Bahati the gospel singer decided to spoil his wife Diana Marua to a high-end birthday party. This took place in the evening at the Maiyan Villas in Nanyuki.

Bahati and his wife had been in the wealthy coastal core of the Zanzibar Islands for a vacation. They had been away for 5 days to crown the 5th anniversary of their wedding in style.

Well, both of them returned back home just in good time to celebrate Diana’s birthday with close friends and relatives.

Splattering a great amount of money just to celebrate the unique day of his beauty queen, Kevin Bahati made sure he wasn’t leaving anything to chance.

From a couple of videos circulating online, a bunch of party guests are captured dining and wine-making with musical accompaniment tailored to the evening gathering.

It was a whole-party vibe till Bahati opted to go extra with the romance. He provocatively lap danced for her sitted 32-year-old wife.

Bahati lap-dancing for Diana







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