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Hilarious: New challenge that has since taken over the internet(Pictorial)


Have you ever wonders what you’d look like if you born of the opposite sex?

Well trust Kenyans to answer your question.

One Maina Ndegwa has caused a stir online after making  Photoshop pictures of many of Kenya’s celebrities on his Instagram page.

Maina Ndegwa

It all started after a collage of most politicians surfaced online and the internet users thought it hilarious. I am sure you know  what am talking about.

Since then pictures of other celebrities including comedians Churchill, Mc Jessy, Njugush among others  have seen surfaced and a look at Ndegwa’s page would excite you.

Below is a link with some of the pictures.


Your favorite news people could not just miss the cut and i must say they are pretty.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Maina Ndegwa (@maina_ndegwa_)

I mean quarantine just gets better by the day and this pictures are awesome.


On the other hand,some of the celebrities have since welcomed this frenzy laughing off at how they would have looked like on the other side.

However, comedian Mc Jessy took it a notch higher with this hilarious sentiments:

Mc Jessy’s op

Who can gerrit kwa hawa wote??😂
Nakuambia ningekuwa nakula hizo fare zenyu😂😂😂.
@maina_ndegwa_ Uko na Ujinga

Njugush made it even better:

Njoki njoki kriiiiing If I were a girl hii town mngetii fare nayo ningekula……nipatie profession. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🔊🔊Cc @maina_ndegwa_

King Kaka couldn’t miss out

Money has been poured. Sawa Sawa nimeona DM zote na all the tags.
Mahali ntakuna na mwenye alijenga hii kitu. But nimecheka wah!!!

At the end of all it is just for laughs. I mean what would you do or look life one day you woke up in the opposite sex?

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