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Here are Eight things you didn’t know about “Iron Fist Zarika”


Eight things you never knew about “Iron Fist” Fatuma Zarika the WBC Bantamweight champion

WBC champion
Fatuma Zarika

1.Family background

Her mother, Aisha Musa, was a single mother and as a result, raising Zarika and her brother Mohammed Musa was a bit difficult.

Harambee Stars player Musa Mohammed
Mohammed Musa, He plays for Harambee Stars & Nkana FC in Zambia

Being the eldest, Zarika had to go out of her way to fend for the family. After completing primary school, She could not even join high school owing to the fact that they
had no money.

2. She started out as a housemaid

“I was a housemaid in three places and each house I worked for one year. I used to tell myself, I’d rather do such work than doing some other bad jobs. It’s better to go and wash someone’s clothes than going to do jobs without direction,” she said.

3. Tried football but it didn’t work

After a while, Fatuma Zarika decided to try her hand in sports. She first tried football, but soon enough, she realized that it was not her forte.

4. Her first boxing match was in 2000 and she lost

Then she tried boxing, and it became clear that it was what she was born for. However, it was in 2000 when she had her first boxing match. To her surprise, she was thrashed by her opponent who was a prison lady. Nonetheless, the boxer decided not to give up. In fact, that particular fight instilled a great fighting spirit in her.

5.Three-time World Boxing Council Super Bantamweight champ

In 2016, Zarika made history by being the first Kenyan to win the World Boxing Council (WBC) Super bantamweight title. The title has been challenged thrice, by Mexican boxer Yamileth Mercado in 2018 and Zambian boxer Catherine Phiri in 2017 and 2019. In all those attempts, Zarika has successfully managed to defend her title.

6.Sportspesa Brand Ambassador

Zarika became the Sportspesa brand ambassador in 2017. The company has sponsored her trainings in the United Kingdom where she has gotten to train with the best in the game such as Former WBC Cruiserweight Champion Tony Bellew.

7. She is a mother of two daughters

One of the things that keep her going is her two daughters, Sofia and Halima Zarika. The desire to give them a better life than she had is what keeps her focused.

8. She is focused and a go-getter

However, for Zarika, her talent is what has caused her to succeed in life. Nonetheless, she is quick to point out that what has brought her this far is being aware of what she wants in life and her strong will to succeed in life.

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