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He Predicted His Death in October and now he is dead

Kelvoh Kanambo
After predicting his own death back in October earlier this year, the young
finally dies.
On Thursday, October 29, Kelvoh Kanambo went to his Facebook page and wrote to his friends that he will be going somewhere and he will dearly miss his friends.
“Hey guys kuna place nataka kuenda soon for sure, I will miss you but don’t worry ntakua nakuja kuwasalimia tu, which loosely translates to (Hey guys there is a place I want to go soon for sure I will miss you but don’t worry I will be coming to greet you),” he wrote on his timeline.


Kanambo went to his Facebook page a week later, on Thursday, November 5, to wish his friends an early Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021. He vowed never to follow the regular calendar.
“Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2021. 1 will no longer adhere to the normal calendar…Doing thing’s on my own,” he posted on his page.
After ailing for two days, Kanambo who is from Kianderi in Tetu, Nyeri passed on on Tuesday, November 17. Kanambo’s death has left so many citizens wondering how he foresaw his death. https://www.vdjjones.co.ke/blog/shakilla-comes-clean-about-being-pregnant-for-the-late-ginimbi/
Kenyans have gone to his Facebook page timeline to pass their condolence messages.
Waruguru Njoroge wrote: “Waaah…he foresaw his death already. May he rest in peace.”
Damaa Mbugua mourned: “I cannot imagine it, shine on your way young soul.”

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