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Former USA President Donald Trump Selling His Chopper


Donald Trump’s Personal Chopper up for Grabs

Donald Trump

One of Donald trump’s choppers is up for sale, but, strangely enough, he and his squad seem not to be looking for a particular cost, they’re putting the ball in the purchaser’s grand jury.


DT reportedly owns three Sikorsky S76-B helicopters alongside other private planes not affiliated with the White House, but one of those helicopters has made its way to an airborne retailer through Aero Asset, that is selling it out of a warehouse in New Jersey.

Trump’s helicopter on sale

The funny thing is that there’s no asking amount, the adjustment states “Submit a bid.” So, essentially, DT seems to have gone down the Craigslist path and would require pretty much whatever he can get!

Given, the market valuation of some of those aircraft of the same year is reported to be somewhere from $700k-$800k. Some other figures being closer to $1 mil-$2 mil for newer ones. All and all, Trump’s potentially not going to go to more than $1.5 M at most.

The interior of the chopper

Sources report that it is, in fact, Trump’s Sikorsky, that he has been using for trips. It includes trips made during his 2016 presidential campaign, as well as endorsements for “The Apprentice” once and for all. It always used to carry his last name mostly on the tail.


The person who is in charge of selling this chopper hasn’t received any offers so far. And, it seems like the chopper has been on sale since early August this year.

So, it has been quite some time now. No one seems interested in this helicopter even though, it has got gold seatbelts and upholstered leather flooring.

There may be a lot of reasons for Trump selling this helicopter. However, the fact that his late project has been noted to be relatively cash-strapped, makes the timing of this intriguing. A smile here and there goes a very long way, isn’t it?!?

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