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Ezekiel Mutua says Vulgar music is to blame for the teen pregnancies(thread)


After 3 months of lock down and closure of institutions. Things in the country seem to have taken a turn among school going children.

Recently statistics show that in Machakos over 4000 girls are pregnant. For one the Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO, Dr Ezekiel Mutua, now has come out blaming vernacular vulgar music for corrupting the children’s minds.

According to the KFCB boss , the content that plays on mainstream and most social media platforms has played a major role in pushing children into early pregnancies.


He took to his twitter account and posted that according to a survey conducted in 2017 a survey by KFCB on the effects of vulgar vernacular music on the youth captured this reality.

He further said that Machakos County that has been on news topped for vulgarity. Even the bands had sexualised stage names.

Basically Dr. Mutua blames the Kamba musicians and the vulgarity that their music carries. To him that is the biggest factor that has pushed many girls into early sex.

But again who is really to blame?Because if they had these statistics early enough what did they do about it.

Whether the numbers are true or not, fact is many young girls will be pregnant by the time schools resume.

Is it time people create a conversation with their children on matters safe sex and contraception? What about rape?

I mean these girls are not getting pregnant by the holy spirit!

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