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DJ Evolve out of Hospital to recuperate from home (video)


Popular entertainer Fredrick Orinda famously known as DJ Evolve has been discharged from hospital.

This comes 5 months after the B- Club DJ was shot by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

The Dj is said to have been  discharged on June 17th after staying hospital for close to six months.

It said that he underwent several surgeries thus at the moment he cannot walk but can speak in very low tone.

On the other hand, from a video that surfaced online by Mpasho news, DJ Evolve was given an adjustable bed by the hospital to help support his body as he recuperates from home.

“His upper body is okay, his hands can move, he can talk but he has a pipe in the oesophagus to pass out mucus. So he can’t talk when it’s inside. His legs are still unresponsive,” DJ Evolve’s father recently told Mpasho.



When the news of his discharge was out, Kenyans on twitter have since poured out their reactions.

Many of them were not amused on the state of the DJ  being bed ridden.

Some people lashed at Babu Owino as others called for justice for the DJ.

However, Babu Owino was freed in January 27 after pleading not guilty to charges of attempted murder.

lastly he was said to have been paying for the hospital bills for the DJ just on moral grounds.

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