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Did Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu Have a Blood Covenant?


“I took a blood oat with Diamond Platnumz,” Says Wema Sepetu

In an interview, Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu revealed that she and Diamond Platnumz made an unbreakable vow that involved blood. This took place when the two were still a couple. The interview was with a Tanzanian gossip show that speaks about issues to do with relationships.
In a tone that portrayed how much Wema meant her words, she said, “Diamond is a man that worships love. He was like my baby, I mean totally like my own.”
She affectionately said Diamond Platnumz valued love and that the singer was all she ever wanted.
The actress also revealed that they had made a blood oath that involved sucking one another’s blood, which seems to have influenced them to date.”We took an oath that involved blood. Then pricked each other’s finger and attached both our wounds to exchange blood. Finally, confessed that we are now one and we’ll protect each other. Then he licked his finger and I did mine,” she said.
This prompted the interviewer to wonder if this might be the cause of why their other relationships never seem to succeed. Wema said she wasn’t sure. Many suspect that perhaps the musician is attempting to blow up the internet. This is beacuse Zari is still in Tanzania, and they seem to be loving their time together along with their children.

A local source recently revealed that Wema had met another man and that she was satisfied in her new relationship. In a Q&A series session with her followers on Ig Wema spilled the beans. An excited fan asked her if she was ina serious and

dedicated relationship, and she said, “Yeah, I am baby and very happy.”
Noticing that the answer was not as straightforward as it should be, another fan decided to ask who she was dating. However, she did not disclose who the man was, but she mentioned that he was a Tanzanian man with a lovely spirit.

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