A day after a tussle emerged between Khalighraph Jones and Diamond’s photographer Lukamba over pictures from last years Sound City awards.

The photographer Lukamba has come out to apologize stating that things have been taken out of proportion.

Earlier, Lukamba had posted cartoon picture on his Instagram of Kalighraph kneeling down “begging” for his pictures.

In what seemed like an innocent post, Khaligraph Jones did not take it lightly he told off Lukamba including Mbosso and Lavalava who had picked it up as a mock.


However, a day later while speaking on Wasafi Tv, Lukamba issued an apology to Khaligraph. He explaining that his SD card had corrupted hence the loss of the pictures.

He further cleared the air that Diamond Platinumz was not involved in the issue in any way.

” I took a photo of Khaligraph with Diamond Platnumz. Later, Khaligraph sent me a DM to send him the photos. But I later DMed him to tell him that it might take time since my SD card had a problem and No, its not Diamond that asked me not to send the photo to Khaligraph. Diamond respects him so much.”

On the Instagram post shared he apologized and said that it was on a light note and he did not know that it would anger many Kenyan fans.

“I didn´t think that he would take it the wrong way. I ask for his forgiveness if he feels like I humiliated him. I respect him and I didn´t want to disrespect him.”

“I have seen that Kenyan fans are angry about the issue and I ask that you forgive me.”

Clearly the OG has to be respected!


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