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Conference Meeting Between Raila Odinga and Mca’s to discuss divisive BBI report


Raila Odinga has a private session with MCAs to resolve the controversial BBI study

Party Leader of ODM Raila Odinga
Opposition leader Raila Odinga is presently attending a meeting with MCAs in a city hotel. This meeting is has been held to work out a few of the controversial issues concerning the BBI study.
Raila was expected to meet with the ward’s reps on Wednesday, November 18. But, he arranged for an emergency session. This is to address some of the problems they mentioned before the process of gathering signatures around the country began.
The MCAs have threatened to pull down the BBI study should they refuse to resolve any of the concerns they have suggested.
Among the topics they wish to discuss are vehicle grants, improved wages as well as equal compensation and rights as parliamentarians. Members of the press have no pass for the conference, that is likely to be stormy.
The meeting comes only one day after Raila conducted another conference with governors of the Lake Area in Kisumu. They addressed the progress of the study.
The text is to be subject to a referendum by June 2021. And, the gathering of signatures is due to begin this week.
A segment of governors had previously threatened to reconsider their stance on BBI, particularly after Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila turned down their conference in Naivasha. https://www.vdjjones.co.ke/blog/reviews-of-kenyan-newspapers-for-today/
The two handshake partners missed the meeting of the county chiefs just days after they attended a gathering close to that organized by the members of parliament.

Odinga’s Response

Responding to criticisms of the paper, the founder of the ODM said Kenyans had 2 years to voice their opinions.
The clergy are among thousands of Kenyans who are calling for a compromise document to avert a disputed referendum. Deputy President William Ruto, the leader of the anti-BBI brigade, is also promising a text that will bind the whole nation.

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