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Come See What Huddah Had To Say About The Late Zimbabwean Socialite


Huddah talks about the late Ginimbi’s life

Huddah Monroe

After the death of the Zimbabwean businessman and socialite Ginimbi on Sunday last week, it has indeed been a rough week for those who knew him. But, did really happen? According to sources from the internet, Ginimbi lost control of his posh Rolls Royce and hit a tree. A few minutes later, the car blew up in flames killing Ginimbi and the other people who were on board. https://www.vdjjones.co.ke/blog/popular-businessman-and-zimbabwean-socialite-ginimbi-dies-in-a-car-accident/

Until a statement is released explaining what exactly might have caused the accident it can’t be confirmed that the claims of Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce being shot are true. For the past few days since Ginimbi died so many people have been mourning his death. Amon them is Huddah Monroe who was a good friend to the late millionaire.

From what Huddah is posting on social media, it is quite open she is hurting. Huddah revealed some unknown information about Ginimbi that people didn’t really know let alone the relationship they shared with him.

Huddah seems to know Ginimbi way much better than we all do judging from the details she shared about his personal life.  She says even though most people might think or say that Ginimbi is a womanizer, she disagrees. She says for one to get to this millionaire it had to be through business grounds and not sexual pleasures.

Even though Huddah didn’t reveal how Ginimbi helped people, all she could say was that he helped people make cash. So it’s up to everyone to choose how to interpret what she said.




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