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Captain Suzy Garrett and her daughter make History as the First Mother and Daughter to Share a Cockpit


Historical moment as mother and daughter pilot the same plane

A woman known as Captain Suzy Garrett and her daughter set a milestone for becoming the first mother-daughter duo in the history of an international Skywest Airlines flight to fly a plane together.
The Female Entreprenuer on LinkedIn shared a lovely photo of the two women in the plane cockpit.
As per The Female Entrepreneur, Suzy was among the first handful of female pilots to get employment at Skywest. She has been working there for more than 30 years.
People on LinkedIn have been congratulating the two women on the comment thread from the moment they saw the post.
José Manuel Peix López wrote: “Congratulations to both of you ladies. You are a reference for many other millions of women around the world. To achieve the objectives and what one desires, everything depends on attitude, hard work, and perseverance.”
Julia Chatelain-van der Valk commented: “What a great example of the importance for girls to have strong female role models. One of the reasons why my company focuses on the development of female leadership. So that our daughters can spread their wings and fly!”
Philipp E. Buchli, however, saw this as a dangerous move. His comment says, “I don’t want to rain on the parade, but from a risk perspective this should be out of the picture given potential adverse power dynamics in the event of emergency. Those aware of the same problem due to cultural issues in Asian carriers in particular will be aware of this issue.”

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