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Breathe taking! Ali Kiba wows fans with acoustic version of “Dodo”


A month after the launch of “Dodo”by Alikiba he is back to treat fans to an acoustic version of it with Protege Tommy Flavor. Totally worth your time.

They say music is food to the soul. Ali Kiba and Tommy and Kenny took the chance to do this version in a more graceful mood.

The three too the chance of the quarantine period to bless thier fans with this song.

Remember Tommy Flavor who is now signed under Kings records has beautiful vocals too.

On the other hand the way the two sang this ‘Dodo’ song you’d totally fall in love with them.

The lyrics were intact but the suave would leave you glued to the screen.

The melody, the lyrics were just perfect and the best part of it isย  Kiba and Flavor blended very well in vocals.


Fans were delighted that the duo decided to perorm this song reacted by appreaciating their talent.

Seven Kiba wrote:

“Mafundi Wamekutana ,,,Mama yanguu”

Superstarinternational93 wrote:

Yaani hili jamaa linajuaga kuimba mpaka linakela team mziki mzuri oyeeee

However,ย  some fans were not amused by this as some claimed that Alikiba doesn’t know how to publicize his new talents.

Meanwhile, Tommy Flavor has been in the background since his unveiling back in April.

Further, they believe he should haveย  used that opportunity to grow the fan base for Tommy considering he already is a brand.

Pacha wa SevenMosha wrote:

alikiba hajui kupromo wasanii wake

Wasenge tz wrote:

Wenzie wanatunga song mpya๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ Marioo anakupita soon

In conclusions, fans are hopeful of the new music he promised his fans after Idd which just ended recently.

This is a wait and see situation. I mean who wouldn’t want more from King Kiba?

Below is the original video of “Dodo” watch and tell us what you think.


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